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Quality & Speciafications

Over the past decade, HENGTI ALLOY adhered to “the quality of the product is the life of a company, the credibility is the factor of getting succeed” as a slogan. Analyzing to the market requirements, guiding the development of special nickel titanium material’s market for thousands of domestic and foreign customers, and providing high quality nickel titanium special materials, are reasons to succeed. Under these driving forces for excellence, the pursuit of product innovation and customer, its own management has also been a rapid increase.

Today, HENGTI ALLOY have been -

Established a comprehensive quality management system ISO9000-2015's;

Established the efficiency of the first supplier management and communication system;

Established a customer-oriented warehousing prediction mechanism;

Established a cost accounting system based ERP financial control;

Established a fast, safe, and convenient logistics and distribution system;

Established a learning enterprise as the goal of the full upgrade plan.


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